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GameFi Rewards

Arcade is a GameFi platform, built on Ethereum and powered by Avalanche, that offers users the opportunity to earn meaningful rewards from various video games through the strategic infrastructure of Mission Pools, Mission Pool Operators (”MPOs”), Mission Pool Contributors (”MPCs”), NFT Curators, and game developers. By partnering with MPOs, MPCs are able to contribute xARC tokens to their favorite gamers and share in-game rewards through Arcade’s revolutionary Mission Pool concept without leaving the platform or risk of token loss.

GameFi Infrastructure

Arcade not only leads but empowers the GameFi space, providing a robust infrastructure that elevates and supports various GameFi titles, shaping the core of the GameFi evolution.

Man in VR
Gaming Agnostic Exposure

Engage a diverse array of games across multiple blockchains, all from a single Avalanche-based platform, simplifying your exposure to the vast GameFi Universe.

Unlock GameFi with $ARC

Our utility token, $ARC, serves as your all-access pass to everything GameFi.

Arcade's For Everyone

At Arcade, every role has its unique value – whether you’re a NFT Curator, a MPO, or a MPC, you’re an essential part of the thriving GameFi ecosystem. Together, we build a diverse, interactive gaming community.

Video Games
Reimagining Esports

Arcade transforms Esports with Mission Pools, by enabling both amateurs and pros to compete for larger, community-funded prize pools, changing the dynamics of competitive gaming.

GameFi Simplified

Dive into Arcade’s macro-game economy, where the strategic selection of Mission Pools shapes your journey. Navigating the Arcade Platform is all about making smart choices as you seek out the most rewarding opportunities in the evolving landscape of GameFi.

Backed by industry Leaders

Mission Pools Are Here!

Sign up for Project Alpha and secure your spot in the future of GameFi.

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Star Atlas

Load Up on $ARC

As easy as swapping Ethereum-$ARC to Avalanche-$xARC effortlessly on our dApp.


Join The Mission

Star Atlas

Load Up on $ARC

As easy as swapping Ethereum-$ARC to Avalanche-$xARC effortlessly on our dApp.

Heroes of Mavia

Step 1
Find the Perfect Mission Pool

My Pet Hooligan

Step 2
Mission Pool Runs

Altered State Machine

Step 3
Earnings are distributed

Ease Into GameFi

As the leading GameFi infrastructure platform, Arcade offers crypto enthusiasts, gaming enthusiasts, and institutions, alike, the opportunity to learn about various blockchain games and competitive strategies by contributing to real, in-game activities, then earning a pro-rata share of the rewards generated by those activities. Arcade was created to provide people with a platform to access and enjoy blockchain gaming and accelerate the mainstream adoption of GameFi, while lowering the barrier to entry for gamers across the industry.

The Arcade Platform simplifies GameFi by removing the need to directly play every aspect or fully understand the complexities of each individual game. By contributing to Mission Pools, MPCs are able to learn the skills necessary for success in that blockchain game directly from their favorite MPOs, giving the MPCs the educational experience necessary to have the confidence to participate in more blockchain games, directly.


Mission Pool Operators

Mission Pool Operators, “MPOs”, are professional gamers, content creators, esports teams, guilds, and more. These specialists know the game intimately well, and are geared up to earn the best possible reward for any activity.

Mission Pool Contributors

Mission Pool Contributors, “MPCs”, are $xARC token holders. By temporarily depositing tokens into a Mission Pool, these users earn a pro rata portion of the rewards earned from the activity in exchange for their time and interest.

NFT Curators/Collectors

NFT Curators are whales, financial institutions, collectors, and more. These entities have lots of NFTs piled up, but often lack the time, interest or expertise necessary to operate them in game. That’s where Arcade comes in; we place those NFTs into the hands of qualified MPOs and share a portion of the rewards back to the owner.

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