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Arcade is a GameFi platform built on the Avalanche blockchain, offering a chain-agnostic approach to engaging with various Play-to-Earn (P2E) games. Our platform simplifies accessing and managing rewards from multiple P2E titles through a unified system.

The ticker $ARC was chosen several years before our official launch, integrated deeply into our smart contracts from early development stages. Despite the existence of other projects with similar tickers, the cost and time required to change our ticker before launch were considered non-viable. We remain committed to building a distinct and strong identity in the market.

To get involved in Project Alpha, you’ll first need to register on our dApp and possess xArcade tokens. Currently, there are two methods to acquire xArcade tokens. One is through our upcoming community airdrop, details of which will be released in the near future. Alternatively, you can obtain tokens from someone who already has them.

Currently, $ARC is available on KuCoin and Uniswap. Our team is actively exploring partnerships with other exchanges to enhance accessibility for our token. However, any new listings will be announced through our official channels once confirmed.

No, $xARC, being a synthetic version of $ARC, is not intended for exchange listings. Each $xARC token corresponds to one $ARC locked in the swap contract, ensuring a direct link to its underlying value. Our focus remains on maintaining this structure to support the integrity of both tokens.

No, We are not planning to add liquidity for $ARC on the Avax Chain at this time. Our strategy involves deploying liquidity primarily on the Ethereum mainnet, aligning with our roadmap and ensuring robust support for our platform’s broader compatibility goals.

The IMC for $ARC was $1,207,304.52.Answer: The IMC for $ARC was $1,207,304.52.

Detailed information regarding the seed and private sale rounds is available in our litepaper, which can be accessed on our website. We encourage interested parties to refer to this document for comprehensive details about our funding stages.

Our team is dedicated to enhancing the value Arcade brings to the GameFi and web 2 gaming ecosystems through continuous development and innovation. The price of the $ARC token is determined by the open market, reflecting its utility and the demand among users. As a utility token, our primary commitment is to expand and improve the functionalities that $ARC offers, ensuring it serves its intended purposes within our platform effectively. We believe that focusing on delivering tangible benefits and robust features will naturally align with the interests of our community and token holders.

Yes, you can purchase $ARC using Metamask by connecting to Uniswap. To ensure transaction security and accuracy, please use our official token address: 0x2903Bd7dB50f300b0884f7a15904bAffc77f3eC7, when acquiring $ARC.

Eligible community members set to receive an airdrop, as well as investors with vesting tokens, can access our finance hub section on our dApp. After registering and linking your wallets, you can explore your vaults to view, check, and claim your tokens.

Yes, The Arcade dApp will be implementing KYC protocols by April 23, 2024, to comply with regulatory requirements. Additionally, the dApp will not be accessible to users utilizing VPNs or those from specific restricted countries, including Bangladesh, Cuba, Iran, Syria, China, Russia, North Korea, Sudan, South Sudan, and Belarus. This is to ensure compliance with international laws and regulations.

Mission Pools on Arcade allow users to participate in and benefit from the in-game activities of various P2E games without needing direct involvement with each game. Rewards from these games are converted into our platform’s tokens ($ARC and $xARC) and distributed among participants.

Our dual token system, featuring $ARC on Ethereum and $xARC on Avalanche, is designed to combine Ethereum’s security and liquidity with Avalanche’s efficiency and low transaction costs. This approach ensures a balanced GameFi experience, offering robust security, enhanced liquidity, and optimal transaction speed and affordability.

Rewards earned from Mission Pools are first converted into $ARC on the Ethereum network, and then into $xARC for distribution. This process ensures a fair and efficient distribution of rewards to participants.

An MPO, or Mission Pool Operator, is integral to the Arcade platform, taking on the task of creating and managing Mission Pools. They utilize in-game assets to actively play the game, thereby earning rewards. The role of an MPO involves strategically leveraging these assets to maximize rewards from the game, which are then distributed to participants of the Mission Pool.

MPCs, or Mission Pool Contributors, participate in Mission Pools by contributing their $xArc, xArcade tokens. They choose which Mission Pools Operators get to run their missions and get to share in the successes of the Mission Pools, earning rewards based on the pool’s performance.

Currently, while lending NFTs and other digital game assets is a crucial aspect of Arcade’s ecosystem, our ideal internal lending solution is still under development. In the interim, asset owners interested in lending through Arcade are encouraged to discuss with us the best methods for doing so, as we work towards building out a fully integrated and efficient lending platform.

For Mission Pool Contributors (MPCs), Arcade does not offer direct gameplay. Instead, MPCs participate indirectly in various P2E games by engaging with Mission Pools connected to these games. However, for Mission Pool Operators (MPOs), the experience involves actively playing the P2E games themselves, though not directly through the Arcade platform, to earn rewards using the in-game assets they manage.

  • Coming Soon: This phase is set for missions that are planned in advance. It indicates a mission with a future funding start date.
  • Funding: This is the active window for user deposits. The duration is determined during the creation of the mission. Users can participate by funding the mission pool at this stage.
  • Last Call: This phase represents the last call for deposits. It’s shown in the last 12-24 hours of the funding window if the deposit limit has not been reached.
  • Preparing: This phase indicates that the mission pool is filled prior to going live.
  • Live: The mission is actively ongoing, no deposits are allowed. Only withdrawals are permitted, which may incur penalties if applicable.
  • Mission Debrief: This post-mission period is for analyzing and reporting. It’s also the time for preparing the distribution of rewards or handling the failure of the mission.
  • Mission Completed (Success/Failure): This is the final state of the mission. It can either be a success with distributed rewards or a failure with no rewards. If failed the initial deposit is still reclaimable.
  • Mission Aborted: This is a special phase indicating that the mission was terminated before it began.

Yes we have a bounty program to reward individuals.

Yes, we offer rewards for individuals who identify and report vulnerabilities in our crypto project. The reward amount will vary based on the severity and impact of the reported vulnerability. This program is part of our commitment to ensuring robust security and engaging the community in safeguarding our project.

Our bounty program is open to all individuals, except for our employees and their immediate family members. We welcome participation from independent security researchers, IT professionals, and anyone with a keen interest in cybersecurity and our project.

To report a vulnerability, please send a detailed description of the issue, including steps to reproduce it, to our dedicated email address using our contact page.

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